What to expect in the interview of CDS Exam SSB

The interview conducted after CDS Exam to measure the qualities of aspirants to test their presence of mind and answering capabilities. This test mainly focuses aspirants reasoning ability, written or oral ability to express their ideas or their influencing power with logical arguments, self confidence and their social adjustments, capable of taking initiative, stamina, courage and cheerfulness.

  • You must think logically with clear values and should think rationally.
  • An aspirant must have cooperative nature and sense of humor to better understand the responsibility towards assigned task.
  • You must respect seniors and elders with self discipline.

It is necessary to be good in communication and expression. You will go through a written test for a short time in which you have to write about your ideas and thoughts – this Psychological test will reveal your power of thinking or expressing in written. You can write the answers in Hindi but you must have knowledge of English, particularly English.

The interviewer test your General Awareness so you must be updated with current international or national events.

You want to be a part of our nation’s defense forces then be brave and courageous and prepare for every task. Its nearly not a respectable job but our biggest responsibility for our nation’s security. This is why aspirants in big count aspire to join the defense forces to serve for their Nation.