SSB Interview Word Association Test (WAT) Explained

WAT-ssb-interview-word-association-testWord Association Test or WAT is second in series of psychological tests at SSB interview. This test consists of 60 words shown on a projector one by one for 15 seconds each. Within this time of 15 seconds, aspirants are supposed to frame short sentences using each of these words. Through this test, the true colors of your personality are reflected in front of the psychologist. So you must practice well beforehand to crack it successfully. Reason behind such short time limit is to drive out the spontaneity of aspirant depicting his inner characters and imagination.

With a total duration of 15 minutes and 15 seconds, this is a short test having significant role in displaying the officers like qualities (OLQs) shown under pressure. The time allotted to write sentences has to be divided carefully to read the word, perceive an idea out of it, create a meaningful sentence, and finally writing that sentence in correct sequence.  Since this test is directed to reveal the creativity and basic character of aspirants, you must be prepared with your imaginative thoughts to be penned down in this test. The words shown may be negative or positive. For example, words like award, leader, motivation are positive while punishment, exploit, bad are negative words.

There are some simple considerations to pass WAT successfully. Follow them thoroughly and crack this tricky test of SSB interview.

  • Be expressive without being pessimistic in your sentences. Even with negative words, try to dole out positive sentences. Like if the word is fear, make sentence – Army wards off fear from mind.
  • Avoid using common sentences, idioms, or phrases as they don’t represent your personality. Instead make unique sentences using your instinct.
  • Write sentences carefully in right sequence of numbering and in legible hand writing for readability.
  • Instead of writing very simple sentences, make them a bit attractive with apt use of given words. Eg. For ‘help’, don’t make a sentence- always help others. Rather make sentence- economy help nations to grow.
  • Don’t forget that your sentences must always be directed towards humans. Try to display aspects of human behavior and officers like qualities (OLQ) in most of the sentences.
  • Avoid using words like ‘me’ or ‘I’ as they depict you to be self centered.
  • Always complete the sentences. Time is a constraint so keep your sentences rather short to attempt them within the given time frame.
  • Try to write above at least 45 sentences. 55 to 60 sentences would be an excellent score.
  • Use present tense only in your sentences. Also avoid using words like should, would, may, try as they show lack of resolve.
  • There is no need to copy the word on sheet as it is the wastage of time which is already very short. Write the sentence against number of word shown. Here it is quite important to note that you must attempt every word to avoid losing the sequence of words and faltering in between.
  • Practice as much as you can for this test. The words are simple to test your character and not your vocabulary, so they are often repeated in WAT.