SSB Interview Situation Reaction Test (SRT) Explained

ssb-interview-situation-reaction-test-srtSituation Reaction Test or SRT comes under psychologist Test of Stage II in SSB interview. It is a test aimed at judging common sense and presence of mind possessed by aspirants. It is prepared by DRDO.

In this test, 60 situations are provided to candidates in the form of a booklet. They are supposed to answer all these situations within a given time of 30 seconds. Here, the psychologist tests their mental ability reflected by instant replies given to each situation.

Aspirants must depict the way they feel in a certain situation to which they are exposed in daily life. Hence, you need to be pragmatic and absolutely rational. Don’t overrun your mind to think of a better answer. Rather trust your instincts and write the very first reaction that you perceive from situations given in your booklet.

Mostly there are many confusing or tricky situations which are intentionally included in this test. They are meant to dig out your innate character and mental strength to react under extreme situations to which you will be exposed as an Officer.


srt-sample-questionHe wants to marry Razia Khan but she is from different religion.

Their parents are quarreling and there is chance of riots, what he do_ _ _ _ _?

In SRT situations may not have pictures altogether but here we show you an example by showing a picture.

The situations given in this test are designed to cover various personality traits and they judge the ability of an aspirant to make a befitting decision under tough circumstances. Remember every person has a different perspective towards various situations so no one can be right or wrong in his/ her answers. Here you have to be reasonable and sound logically correct.

Ways to tackle SRT or Situation Reaction Test

  • Time is quite limited in this test, so be logical and natural in answering each situation.
  • Make an assessment of probable resources at your disposal and analyze each situation as it should be. Never use terms like ‘will’ or ‘try’ in your replies.
  • Be original and not a super hero out of a fantasy comic book. These situations are directed towards you so think the way you will actually react under them.
  • Never try to be over aggressive or pessimist in your answers as these are the attributes never required in an officer.
  • You have to be smart in your thinking and don’t try to attempt all situations. More than 45 will be enough. But instead of skipping in between, attempt all questions in a row.
  • Keep your replies shorter as time runs out very quickly in this test. You cannot be very creative with these time constraints but you can always be actual and to the point.
  • For the situations where you are totally vulnerable, you may leave them instead of giving an absurd reply. Don’t give vague responses to any situation.
  • To write fast, use punctuation marks in between your sentences. This will also enhance read ability of your reply.
  • Some situations may be quite similar and here you should not give contradictory replies to each of them.
  • Lastly and most importantly, like any other test, practice is the only key to conquer this territory as well. So practice as much as you can through sample situations available to you.