SSB Interview Self Description Test (SD) Explained

ssb-interview-self-description-test-sdSelf Description Test is the last test in the series of psychologist tests at SSB. SD test is conducted on day 2 of SSB interview. This test evokes the inherent personality traits of an aspirant as described by him/her. These are judged from the perspective of an aspirant’s parents, friends, colleagues, teachers, and himself. Under Self Description Test, total time of fifteen minutes is allotted to each candidate within which one is supposed to write about his qualities and behavior exhibited in relationships and society. There are five questions that are asked in this test. Since the time is quite limited, you should try to keep your description short but absolutely banged on target.

This test completely reveals the person in you. So try to be real and never hesitate to accept your weaknesses while accessing yourself. It will reflect your mature side to psychologist and help him to judge you even better. While describing yourself, never indulge in presenting your autobiography to psychologist as you need to finish it up fast. Be truthful and real. Even if you try to bluff about your attributes, the assessors are experienced enough to find them out. While emphasizing on your positive traits, try to reveal some officers like qualities possessed by you. But never over emphasize on your negativities.

The questions required to be answered in Self Description Test

  • Q. What your parents think of you?
  • Ans. In answering this question, try to analyze opinion of your parents about you. While mentioning good points opined by them, don’t forget to tell about the behavior that annoys them. You can prepare for it well in advance by making an observation of their viewpoints regarding you.
  • Q. What your Teachers, Employers think of you?
  • Ans. A teacher is said to know his/her students very deeply. Their opinion is not only appropriate but also quite reliable to evaluate the personality of aspirant in its truest form. Similarly, if you are working, opinion of your boss or employer will reflect your behavior in work place which is very significant for this entire analysis.
  • Q. What your friends or colleagues think of you?
  • Ans. A man is known by his company’. Such is the impact of friends on an individual’s personality. You spend a lot of time with your friends or colleagues. And you are the best person to know their opinion about you. So write all that they think of you including the points that may sometimes irritate them as well.
  • Q. What do you think of yourself?
  • Ans. Perhaps, this is the most crucial question of this test. A person who assesses himself effectively can assess others as well. It is a must have trait for an officer and while writing about it, be realistic and truthful. Here, write about your educational qualities, positive hobbies, and social attitude. At the same time, also mention your weaknesses. But avoid writing strongly about them.
  • Q. What qualities would you like to improve in future?
  • Ans. A good officer always yearns to inculcate better habits and qualities. In fact, you should also focus on your drawbacks and try to improve them in future. No one is perfect but to attain perfection, you need to try hard. Write all that you want to do for that perfection.