SSB Interview Progressive Group Task Explained

SSB-Interview-Progressive-Group-Task-ExplainedThis first outdoor task under GTO requires the aspirants to work as a group to attain one common objective. It consists of 4 obstacles put in a straight line. You have to cross them one by one using the support material provided.

The level of difficulty increases in this task with each obstacle thereby meaning that the first one is easiest to cross while last obstacle is the toughest one. That is reason why this task is called Progressive Group Task.

Procedure of Progressive Group Task

This task begins with a briefing by GTO on SSB Day 3rd as to the procedures and rules to be followed. Then an estimated time that will be taken by each group individually has to be told to him. Generally, 40-45 minutes are allotted for its completion. For this task, some area is marked with parallel lines called as start line and finish line. The ground between these lines is kept out of bounds and it is usually 10-15 feet long. You are supposed to cross this area called obstacle without touching the ground. Instead you can take help of supporting materials like planks, ropes, and ballies provided. A load is also given to each group which has to be carried along very carefully.

Rules of Progressive Group Task

There are certain rules that must be followed all through this task. They include:

  • Group Rule: This rule requires all the members of group to cross all obstacles collectively. It implies that unless every team member completes one obstacle, you cannot move forward to next step. The whole group tackles one single obstacle at a time. Remember that group includes your supporting material as well.
  • Distance Rule: For a distance more than 4 feet, you are not allowed to jump even if you are a long jump champion. Such distances must be crossed only by bridging or by reducing them through your helping materials. Distance here means both horizontal and vertical distance.
  • Color Rule: Colors are applied to different materials used for this task and each color has a specific implication-
    • a. White: Can be used by whole group; men and materials
    • b. Red: Cannot be touched by anyone or anything
    • c. Next color is decided upon by GTO and it can be touched only by men and not materials
  • Rule of Rigidity: It says that two rigid materials cannot be tied together using a rope but they can be placed loosely upon each other. However, you can tie any number of materials individually to the structures.

Tips to be followed for Progressive Group Task

  • Always listen carefully to the instructions given by GTO and be an active participant all through this task.
  • Contribute your ideas to the group. But if they are not accepted, instead of losing heart give your cent percent efforts for completing the task.
  • Be smart and energetic. Always display enthusiasm and urgency as soon as the task is assigned.
  • Instead of carrying load, try to take along helping materials as it will lead to an early start.
  • This is a group task. So involve all your team mates in it. Help the weak members by motivating them and supporting them all through.
  • Follow the rules and be loud to be audible to GTO during the task.