SSB Interview Lecturette Task Explained

ssb-interview-lecturette-explainedTo become an officer in Indian Armed Forces, SSB tests a candidate on various physical and psychological criteria that help to ascertain his OLQs. In the series of GTO taking place on Day 3 and Day 4, Lecturette is a crucial psychological test where you get an opportunity to exhibit your personal attributes. This is not a group task, so every aspirant gets a fair equal chance to prove his mettle. In this task, all aspirants are required to sit in a row and few cards with some topics are placed in front of them. Each card has four topics for giving the lecturette. Out of these, aspirants have to select one topic of their choice and speak on it for about 3 minutes. All candidate get a time of 3 minutes each for preparing a short talk on their chosen topic before final deliverance.

Tips to prepare for Lecturette

This three minute long lecturette holds an important place for your selection in SSB. It displays your Officer’s Like Qualities closely to GTO. Thus, you need to prepare hard for this task and keep your general awareness brushed up in advance. Here are some common tips that may help you to crack this test of GTO:

  • This test is conducted in English only. As such, practice a lot to speak for 3 minutes in English to your friends or family members if you are not so comfortable with the language.
  • Confidence is your sure shot mantra to SSB success. Particularly, in lecturette, you have to show your confident side to GTO. From the start to finish of your lecture, exude nothing but smartness and positive attitude.
  • Gain as much knowledge as you can about the current happenings of country and world. Apart from the style of delivering your lecture, your knowledge also plays a vital role because if you are not prepared well, you may not be able to speak flawlessly for 3 minutes.
  • Maintain a positive body language throughout the lecturette. It is quite important to avoid any negativity or aggression being reflected in your style of delivering with minimum hand and leg movements.
  • The provided topics under this task pertain to different levels of difficulty. Always opt for such topics that you are comfortable to speak about instead of choosing the very difficult ones. You should be well versed and educated about the topic chosen to appear fully prepared and confident to GTO.
  • Divide your chosen topic into certain sub topics. Not only it will ease the task for you but also make your content look comprehensive in its approach.
  • You should neither exceed the time limit allotted to you for lecturette nor try to finish way too early. Make an estimation of 3 minutes in your mind through constant practicing and give a lecture that lasts for that much time.
  • All through your lecture, try to avoid direct eye contact with GTO. Instead look towards your friends sitting in front of you.

With these simple tips and little preparations about current affairs, you can easily conquer this territory of GTO at SSB. This task tests your personality and confidence for public speaking. So prepare well and you will find lecturette an easy task to complete.