SSB Interview Individual Obstacles Tasks Explained

Individual Task - SSB Interview

Individual Task – SSB Interview

As the name implies, this is a task at GTO day 4 which is performed individually. All members are given equal prospects to showcase their capabilities and prove their candidature to serve Indian Armed Forces. This time bound task has 10 obstacles required to be crossed within 3 minutes allotted to each aspirant. It is an extremely important task in GTO to judge attributes like physical strength, perseverance, stamina, decision making, and ability to fight innate fears. In this task, level of difficulty increases with each obstacle marked as 1 to 10. Candidates are given a choice to start this test from any obstacle that they deem fit. However, you must keep your nerves and stamina tight to complete it within stipulated time.

Obstacles in Individual Obstacle Task

This test carries 55 marks which begin from 1 mark and increase with each obstacle according to its difficulty level. These obstacles are:

  1. Long jump: There is a 6 feet long ditch that must be crossed under this obstacle. To cross it successfully, take few steps backwards and then jump at once. It is a rather simpler task to pass.
  2. High jump: It consists of 4 feet high obstacle which candidates have to pass. Here too, run from some distance backwards and jump to succeed at once.
  3. Wall climbing: In this obstacle, aspirants have to cross a wall which is 7 feet high. It is relatively a tough task for most of the candidates. However, it may be quite easy for those who are habitual of jumping walls in their college or school days. You can use your hands and legs to properly cross this obstacle.
  4. Monkey Crawling:  There are three wooden structures kept randomly in this obstacle. These have to be crossed by each candidate. This task tests the balancing skill and confidence of aspirants. You need to be very fast to overcome this obstacle.
  5. Rope climbing: Probably, it is the toughest obstacle to pass. There is a 16 feet high rope that aspirants have to climb. However, while coming down on a rope, avoid sliding with hands because this may injure your hands. Be a little slow in this task to be on safer side.
  6. Passing through tire: There is a tire hanging from above in this obstacle. Every candidate has to jump through this tire in the same way as a tiger leaps forward.
  7. Tarzan swing: Here, aspirants have to cross a ditch using the rope just like Tarzan does. Stairs are there to climb up and hold the rope. Try to hold it somewhat above your chest and jump with speed to cross.
  8. Tarzan jump: It is quite a daunting task to cross this obstacle. First, candidates have to climb up the stairs and then jump from some height. While jumping, they have to grab the rope hanging in middle to reach the finish side.
  9. Balance walking: There is a 7 feet wooden plank that must be crossed by each candidate by walking. In this obstacle, balance will help you win.
  10. Walking on parallel ropes: It is as difficult to do as it sounds. Here, aspirants have to cross the distance by walking over parallel ropes.

Remember that your physical balance and cool attitude are the mantra to help you through this tough level of GTO.