SSB Interview Half Group Tasks Explained

SSB-Interview-Half-Group-TasksSSB Interview Half Group Tasks are again a leaderless task. It is devised to test the candidates more closely by GTO on Day 3 of SSB Interview. Similar as Progressive Group Task (PGT), this task has same set of rules as the earlier one. The only difference is in the number of aspirants constituting each group. Here, whole group is divided into two halves. This facilitates GTO to judge the capabilities of every aspirant under a close scanner. It is an important task in outdoor GTO and is extremely helpful for those candidates who were not able to express themselves fully in PGT or other tasks. As the number of candidates is quite low, it gives equal chance to you to display your leadership traits and OLQs.

Under this task also, some obstacles in form of parallel lines are laid for aspirants to cross. There are certain structures amid start and finish line. These goal post, raised platforms, cross shaped, and bench shaped structures can be used for crossing these obstacles. The time limit allotted for this task is 10 minutes. In Half Group Task as well, supporting materials like wooden planks, ropes, and bellies are provided to each group. None of the group can watch the performance of other groups in HGT.

Rules for Half Group Tasks


The rules in this task are also similar to those applied to Progressive Group Task. They are:

  • Out of bound rule: The ground between start and finish line is referred to as out of bound. This area must not be touched, neither by men nor supporting material.
  • Distance rule: You cannot jump for distance more than 4 feet. You can either reduce this distance or bridge it using the materials provided.
  • Rule of helping material: No two hard materials can be tied together using a rope but they can be placed above each other without tying. Ropes can be joined together and any number of supporting materials can be tied to separate structures.
  • Color rule: Things painted white can be used by both men and materials, red painted structures are out of bound, and there are other colors specified by GTO that can be used by humans but not the materials.

Tips for tackling Half Group Tasks

  • In every obstacle task, there is more than one solution to every obstacle. To find them, observe the whole task carefully along with supporting materials and structure provided.
  • Always be attentive at the time of briefing given by GTO. This will give you better insight into this task.
  • Follow the rules diligently and never break them because as defence personnel, you have to abide by the rules and succeed by following them sincerely.
  • Give your cent percent participation from the beginning of this task. Right after briefing, start giving your inputs and during the task also, participate like an active member of your group.
  • helping-handsLend a helping hand to weak members of your group like a true leader and good team mate. Your group behavior and intelligence will certainly help you complete this task successfully. as the rule of group task, you win if every member win.
  • Be confident during the task and never force yourself upon others. If there is an idea better than yours, just follow it properly.