SSB interview Group Planning Exercise Explained

SSB-Interview-Group-Planning-exercise-day-3-gto-explainedIn GTO on Day 3 of SSB Interview, Group Planning Exercise or GPE is the next step. In this test, decision making capabilities of aspirants are judged under stringent conditions and constraints. A set of problems is given to the group by GTO from a model placed on ground. Within the stipulated time allotted, the group has to find a rational solution to all these problems using available resources. Time of 10 minutes is allotted to every individual to write down their action plan and then discussion follows on the case study.

The group discussion held at the end of this test is allotted 15 minutes to arrive at a common solution agreed upon by whole group. Generally, the situations given under GPE have you on picnic or a planned journey with your group. This is done to extract out your reaction to sudden events and organizing powers to emerge out of such situations. Your adaptability and group coordination are also adjudged under this test.

How to go for SSB Group Planning Exercise?

  • For this test, you must be very attentive and listen to the instructions carefully to prepare your action plan. Within briefing by GTO, you may notice the concealed resources at your dispense to take proper action.
  • Here, calculations are also involved sometimes to ascertain the time and distance to be covered for problem solving. So, brush up your mathematical aptitude and precision before this test.
  • GTO will allot you 10 minutes to write your action plan. To prepare an effective action plan, always decide the priorities required to be solved first along with reason behind their selection in that manner. After that, you prepare the solution to these problems. While doing so, always try to select a path that takes you to a definite resource or solution. Don’t linger on what could have been possible. Be certain.
  • After this, GTO asks for your written action plan for its evaluation. So buck up with your writing speed and presentation to consolidate your points. Be systemic all through this task for better problem solving.
  • During the group discussion that follows, be a patient listener and never lose your temper. While proving your points be absolutely reasonable and avoid a heated argument.
  • It is a group task so always remember to allow fair chance to the weaker members of group. Sometimes your points may be negated by someone. Instead of indulging in a spat, accept your weaknesses if you are opposed with points that are valid and logical.
  • During the entire group task, while addressing any fellow group member, use his chest number and not his name.
  • Armed Forces require you to be rational at difficult times rather than heroic. So if you have a safer option for solving any situation, avoid taking risks and putting your life in danger.
  • This is a time constrained task where precision is the key to succeed. Thus try to meet the time deadlines on real time basis in your action plan.
  • If you have any doubts regarding the introduction to given situations, they must be cleared beforehand prior to writing down your action plan.