SSB Interview Group Obstacle Task (Snake Race) Explained

SSB-Interview-Group-Obstacle-Race-(Snake Race)This is a test of the physical strength and ability to attain success in battlefield. This is another Outdoor group task (GTO) conducted on 3rd day of SSB Interview. An obstacle task is devised to test the motor skills of defense aspirants on parameters of physical fitness and intelligence to face the stringent war conditions. Group Obstacle Task or Snake Race is done using a snake like jute rope which is 6-8 feet long. One unique feature of this task is that the groups are given an option to choose a war cry which refers to a short motivating quote usually used during a tough mission. This leaderless task has to be completed within the stipulated time and there are different obstacles required to be crossed under Group Obstacle Tasks.

The task begins after instructions given by GTO. It consists of obstacles like 10 feet wall, balance beam, spider web, parallel walls, and some colored iron pipes set parallel to each other.

Rules of Group Obstacle Race

There are some general rules of this task that must be observed for its completion. They are:

  • The basic rule of this task is that it has to be performed by the whole group collectively. Every member has to hold snake (rope) during this complete task.
  • The snake cannot be kept on ground even once in this task.
  • The rope should not be reduced by rolling up in this task
  • All during the task, anyone should not touch areas marked as out of bound. They are generally marked with red color for identification.
  • As the race begins with snake placed on a certain part of body, it should continue to be same till the end of this task.
  • Every obstacle must be crossed by all the members of each group. It means that unless every member completes an obstacle, the group cannot move forward.

Tips for tackling Group Obstacle Tasks

  • Firstly remain attentive all through this task and listen to all instructions carefully. In case of any doubt, try to clear them well before commencing the race.
  • This task is aimed at testing your team spirit which is the essence of Armed Forces. Group interest always overrules individual interests in this task. So help out your weak team mates and inspire them to complete the race.
  • Never try to break the rules aforementioned for crossing the obstacles of Snake race which is another name for this task because it can lead to end of your journey at SSB.
  • Always keep a close eye on every team mate. This helps you to move ahead in this race without getting any minus marks or a bad impression on GTO.
  • Perform some regular exercises like push- ups and rope climbing to facilitate you in completing this task easily. This task requires you to lift up your body for crossing various obstacles with reasonable muscular strength.
  • In this task, you have to exhibit your team spirit and cooperation. So avoid shouting at your team mates or forcing your ideas upon them. Whenever a better idea is given by another member of team, don’t hesitate to accept it and participate with equal enthusiasm.