SSB Interview Group Discussion (GD) Explained

SSB-interview-group-discussion-day-3-explainedHaving conquered territory of Stage I and II, aspirants at SSB move on to Day 3 where Group Discussion (GD) is the first test under GTO or Group Testing Officer. Generally, perception is that Group Discussion is an argument where one has to win over the others. But actually, it is an informal discussion over a burning issue related to current affairs. Here, key lies in displaying the OLQs in you rather than becoming the part of herd and screaming to prove your point.

As per the chest numbers allotted, candidates are divided into groups of 12-15 members each. Under this test, two group discussions are conducted.

In first discussion, there are 3 topics to choose from and the whole group is allowed 15 minutes to discuss this topic of their choice. On completion of this test, time lag of 2-3 minutes is given and then next Group discussion begins. In this second discussion, no choice of topic is provided to candidates. They have to discuss upon the topic allotted to them by GTO.

Tips to crack Group discussion at GTO

Group Discussion at SSB is a parameter to judge the interpersonal skills of candidates as they are extremely significant for becoming an officer in Armed Forces. An aspirant must be able to express his thoughts, command, and convince his fellow men to reach a common objective. This is the essence of group behavior that SSB tries to extract through these tests. There are certain tips that can be followed to win this battle convincingly.

  • While selecting topic for first discussion, be rational and give genuine reasons behind selecting a particular topic. Try to accumulate maximum awareness about current national and social issues to be able to speak with confidence.
  • Be positive and be yourself at GD because an officer must have a positive frame of mind even in the crunchiest of situations. Faking at SSB can never work out for any candidate as they are always under the scanner of psychologist at SSB and any attempt of bluffing will simply show them the way out.
  • This is a test of your communication skills. So display them in all might. Keep your body language proper; be confident, and regular in discussion. Whenever you speak, take at least 25-30 seconds to clarify your point and then allow others to speak as well. Here in depth knowledge will always come to your rescue as your points will be backed by facts and this is the quality of a good communicator.
  • Though loud and clear voice will make others listen to you in GD, also try to become a good listener as well. A good leader is a good listener and this quality can assure you success in this test. But refrain from being just listener and actively participate in discussion.
  • GTO always intends to find a good leader through these tests. Hence, during GD you must not indulge in an argument and at the same time, try to be the initiator of discussion and help the weak members to express themselves. Support the positive points given by others and prove your points with adequate examples and careful analysis.