SSB Interview Command task Explained

Command Task - SSB Interview

Command Task – SSB Interview

It is one of the most challenging tasks in GTO. This ground test is mostly conducted on 4th day of GTO and is quite similar to PGT in rules and obstacles to be crossed. As per its name, in this task, aspirants are made Commander of their group which consists of 2 subordinates picked up from the group. This task is given as per the past performances of every aspirant in terms of difficulty levels. Normally, it has to be completed within 10-15 minutes allotted but this time depends upon difficulty of the obstacles. GTO calls an aspirant in random manner and then has a short talk regarding the previous attempts and other details. Then he asks to call any two candidates as subordinates and begin the task.

Command task is conducted to judge attributes like quick response, decision making, problem analysis, and presence of mind in candidates. Here, GTO spends quite good amount of time with you and tries to extract the best ideas from your mind. In Command Task, there are two roles to be played by candidates.

Role as Commander in Command Task

When you are made Commander, GTO interrogates you regarding your PIQ, previous performances, and other details. He may ask you about your family, your weaknesses, your attempts at SSB, or anything else related to you. This talk is generally short but has to be crisp. Then GTO explains the rules and procedures to be followed for this task. After you choose your subordinates and they report to you, the clock starts ticking for you.

Role as subordinate in Command Task

You are called by other candidates selected as Commander according to your chest number. Report quickly whenever your chest number is called upon. As a subordinate, you are required to diligently obey his orders and not interrupt in his decisions.

 Tips to impress GTO in Command Task

  • If you find that task assigned to you is rather a difficult one, it is the time to celebrate instead of panic. Those aspirants who display an impressive run in all previous GTO tasks are given such obstacles. So you should keep your mind ticking with fresh ideas to cross the hurdles of this task.
  • You are supposed to prove your worth as a Commander. So be polite for your subordinates. Also never try to risk their lives into any tough situation. Rather, as a true leader, take these risks upon yourself.
  • Be loud and audible to GTO while addressing your subordinates in this test. Try to do so while briefing to them regarding the task and your ideas to complete it successfully. It will increase their involvement into this whole exercise and enhance your position in front of GTO.
  • Choosing the right subordinates will always work in your favor. So choose them wisely. Try to select such candidates who have performed well in GTO. They will definitely help you till the finish line. Also you should have valid reason behind this selection as GTO always asks them as well.
  • If you are Commander, then avoid taking ideas from your subordinates vice versa if you are the subordinate; never try to give your ideas to Commander. Armed Forces demands perfect discipline in aspirants and hence always display the same.