SSB Interview Basics for CDS Exam Aspirants

ssb-interview-basics-for-cds-exam-aspirantsAs all energy will be going to utilize in written exam but more is expected and required from CDS exam aspirants. Here are some basic tips to consider while preparing right from beginning for SSB. will be with you for your better future.

Read the basics to enhance your personality and do bring within you Officers like Quality. What are your strength and weakness, where you should concentrate, why many aspirants disqualified in SSB Interviews etc are questions that are being asked by candidates. Here are few basic tips that could be helpful to some extent.

  1. Believe in yourself: Being a soldier requires a lot from you. As such, you need to focus on your strengths, weaknesses, plus and minus points. You should be able to analyze each of these factors and extract a conclusion as to what you are really doing to convert your negatives into positives. Well, this is a thorough thought process that requires a great deal of time and deliberations.
  2. Hone your knowledge and skills: You should be always attentive and aware about happenings around the world, whether it is current affairs or your related subject (mostly in case of technical entries). Here, you are also required to be updated on current happenings within your family including their jobs, likes, and dislikes.
  3. Why do you want to join Forces?: You must have a valid and realistic reason behind your decision of joining the forces. Be truthful to yourself and the Board while answering this question. Your honest reply only can help you fetch your dream.
  4. Imbibe the qualities of an officer: You cannot pretend to be an Officer rather you have to become one. Deep down your personality, try to imbibe the qualities of an officer and let them come out naturally. Whether, you join the Forces or not, these attributes will always lead your path in life.
  5. Rather than sulking, learn from your failures: Your failures should become the stepping stones to your success. Instead of getting disheartened, try to learn a new lesson from your failures at earlier SSB interviews and move ahead with a fresh approach. Have a firm belief in yourself and your abilities.
  6. Develop better communication skills: They can win half the battle for you during your SSB interviews. So, work on improving your communication skills by mingling well in your society and family for better preparations.
  7. Keep the self belief intact: Groom yourself in a way as if you possess the inherent and self motivated officers like qualities (OLQs) in you. You must know how to adapt to the complex situations, be regular at exercising, and most importantly, have a positive attitude. Be truthful and genuine at SSB.
  8. You must know what differentiates confidence from over confidence: There is a very fine line demarcating between confidence and over confidence. You should be able to recognize it. While confidence at SSB will reflect the strength of your personality, over confidence will show you in a bad light being rude and bragger.
  9. Exude a strong presentation with polite opinion: During your Interview or GD, often, you are asked to give an opinion on an event or social issue taking place in the world. Here, try to be precise and polite in expressing your opinions supported by the real facts.
  10. Do not give up: This is the utmost quality of a soldier. It is said that when going gets tough, the tough gets going. Even if you are badly stuck during your interview or GD, keep trying. It matters more than winning.

Overall, it is important that you never falter at SSB. Remember, it is a once in lifetime opportunity that you will relish for your entire life. Be calm and composed, success will surely come your way!