SSB Intelligence test (Verbal and Non verbal) Explained

SSB-Interview-intelligence-test-verbal-non-verbalThe quest of succeeding SSB Interview begins from Day 1 with Officer’s Intelligence Test or screening test. In this test, candidates are allotted a time of 1 hour to solve around 100 questions examining their verbal and non verbal intelligence. Here, key lies in effective time management to solve all these questions within the stipulated time.

Intelligence test is quite important to ensure you success in SSB interview series because even after passing the medical tests and getting recommended, final selection on the basis of overall national merit is done according to these marks only.

As an officer in Indian Armed Forces, one needs to have an above average intelligence for effective decision making in crunch situations an officer faces in course of his duties. So this test is the medium through which the knowledge and perception of a candidate is judged on the parameters required from an officer. Although both the papers under intelligence test are quite simple to solve for an average intelligent person yet the level of difficulty increases in these tests. This test helps the psychologists to decide about the fate of aspirants on the basis of number of questions correctly solved in it.

For better understanding by the candidates, psychologist of SSB Board gives sample question papers to them and also explains the manner in which they need to crack this intelligence test.

Verbal Reasoning in Intelligence Test

Questions based on verbal reasoning cover a major portion of SSB Intelligence Test. It requires candidates to understand various concepts presented by words and answer the given questions intelligently in real fast time. The topics covered under Verbal Intelligence Test are:

  • Analogy and classification: It judges the ability of candidate to correlate different aspects.
  • Number series: To find the next number following the given series on basis of logical reasoning
  • General Knowledge: To test the awareness of candidates regarding the current happenings in country and world.
  • Blood relations: Those understanding the algorithms of relations can easily solve it.
  • Coding- decoding: Codes are given to number/alphabets and candidates have to decode the given word accordingly.
  • Jumbled words: This checks the ability of candidates to solve jumbled words correctly.
  • One word substitution: It checks the ability of candidates regarding their vocabulary to communicate using short sentences accurate in their meaning.
  • Seating Arrangements: To tell the sequence of a group sitting around a table
  • Basic mathematical aptitude: Basic numerical problems are asked from this topic.

Non verbal reasoning in Intelligence test

It is a portion consisting of pictures and diagrams. There are questions based on these figures like finding the odd one, finding errors, or completing the diagrams. Here, they need to properly analyze a problem and solve it analytically. Topics covered in non verbal test are:

  • Analogy: Candidates have to find the figure related to the ones given in question.
  • Complete and incomplete patterns of figures: Some part of figure is missing which is to be correctly found from options given.
  • Cubes and dice: Questions on dice are quite common and they require lot of practice.
  • Venn diagram: It consist questions based on numerical information or graphic representation.