SSB Day 3 Group Tests SSB Interview Process

day-3-ssb-interview3rd day of interview is commonly known as Group task. It is also GTO Day 1 for candidates appearing in SSB interview. It comprise of tasks to be completed in group.

SSB Interview day 3rd Process and Tasks

Group Discussion: Under this, two separate topics on social issues and current affairs are allotted for discussion. GD is particularly an informal discussion where no debate is required. Each topic has to be discussed for 20 minutes without the need of deriving an exact conclusion.

Group Planning Exercise: It is conducted in five stages including elucidation of a provided model, narrative reading by GTO, self reading by candidates for 5 minutes, writing down solutions within 10 minutes, and group discussion of 20 minutes. In this task, group narration and definite conclusion are also necessarily required.

Progressive Group Task: In this first outdoor task, candidates have to pass 4 obstacles with increasing difficulty levels within 40 -50 minutes. They are provided structures, aiding materials and loads for this task.

Group Obstacle Race: For this task, groups have to compete with each other to pass the set of six obstacles carrying a snake like load on their back.

Half Group Test: A single obstacle has to be passed with aiding material and loads. Two sub groups are made for this task and are allotted same obstacle in a manner to prevent them from watching the performance of other group. 15 minutes are given to each group.

Lecturette: Under this task, out of 4 topics given for lecturette, candidates have to render a short talk of 3 minutes on the chosen topic.

On conclusion of 3rd Day of SSB Interview, candidates have to face Day 4 GTO Tasks.