SSB Day 2 Stage II SSB Interview Process

day-2-ssb-interviewThis stage of 2nd day SSB comprise of Psychological tests based on various theme and techniques. Candiate who will attempt this stage test have higher chance of selection.

SSB interview 2nd day  process and Tests

Thematic Apperception Test: Under this test, candidates are shown 12 pictures among which one will be blank. They are required to jot down a story weaved around the situations depicted in these pictures in a sequence. Each picture is flashed for 30 seconds and candidates are given 4 minutes to complete the task. For the blank slide, they are supposed to imagine their own picture and write a story about it. This test is popularly known as TAT.

Word Association Test: For this test, candidates are shown 60 words in a sequence for 15 seconds given to each individually. Here they have to write about their thoughts or perception pertaining to these words. WAT is also Psychological test in SSB.

Situation Reaction Test: It includes 60 real life situations faced in our daily routines. All these situations are in printed format in a booklet with incomplete sentences. Candidates have to write down their reactions about the way they will feel, act and think in such situations. SRT is most important part of DAY 2 SSB process.

Self Description Test: This interesting test requires candidates to pen down the opinions of their parents/ guardians, friends, superiors, teachers about them, in five distinct paragraphs about each of these opinions separately. Self Description test must be attempted with caution.

After completion of DAY 2 Psychological tests of SSB, candidates move to Day 3.