SSB Day 1 Stage I SSB Interview Process

day-1-ssb-interview-and-screening-testFirst day of SSB interview start with a screening test conducted in form of Intelligence test, Picture perception and Description Test. Selection procedure for stage I screening test is as follows.

SSB interview 1st day process and Screening Test

A. Intelligence test (verbal and non verbal): This test will tests candidates logical and reasoning ability. It is intelligence test having verbal and Non verbal Questions.

B. Picture Perception and Description Test: This interesting test entails a picture that is flashed for just 30 seconds and candidates have to note 7 specified parameters related to this picture viz, number of characters shown, relative age, mood, gender, and action related to past, present, and future for each character in single minute. Candidates are allotted 4 minutes to write down these details as story. PPDT is an screening test conducted on day 1 of SSB interview.

C. Discussion of picture: This is 30 minutes test where the candidates are divided into different groups with 15 candidates each. Then, every candidate has to narrate the story self written after which all of them held discussion amongst them to reach a common perception regarding these characters as well as theme of the story.

On completion of all these screening tests, results are declared for stage I. Those selected are sent for second stage i.e. SSB Day 2 while rejected candidates are sent back with immediate effect.