Service Selection Board (SSB) Interview Group discussion Tips

ssb-interview-group-discussion-tipsIn the GTO series of SSB interview, Group Discussion (GD) is the first and foremost step. GD is a casual discussion within a group on provided topics. However, before we proceed, you must precisely understand that it is not a debate.

SSB Group Discussion comprises of two sessions. In the first session of discussion, candidates are given a choice of topic selection while in second discussion, no such choice is allowed to them. The topic in both discussions has two sub topics. A time frame of 15 to 20 minutes is allotted to each discussion within which every candidate gets an opportunity to express himself freely and as such, speak as many times as he wants to.

An example of topics allotted is: What is the biggest challenge faced by our country in the present times?

  • Terrorism
  • Stable Government
  • Inflation

Tips to prepare for SSB GD

In this SSB Group Discussion, the attributes of the aspirants that are under scanner include their interpersonal skills, group participation, and knowledge. Here, they can follow certain tips to enhance their chances of excelling in this group activity by presenting their qualities efficiently. These include:

  • In the first session, while selecting a particular topic, also try to cite the reason behind this selection. This can facilitate the entire group in choosing a more relevant topic and give you an edge above others. Try to give 2-3 basis of topic selection in favor of your choice.
  • Be precise in your ideas and their representation. Take a good time of 25-30 seconds to speak you mind.
  • Participate actively in the discussion by speaking regularly. But you must also allow others to put up their views. Hence once you are done with a topic, let others speak and then put forth your next point.
  • Always be positive in your ideas.
  • Before finishing it off, try giving one point each for every sub topic.
  • Follow a positive and impressive body language throughout.
  • Avoid indulging in any one to one discussion in the entire GD.
  • In a group discussion, when all the participants are quite vocal and there are others interrupting you in expressing your ideas, a loud and clear voice will be your winning shot giving you a fair chance.
  • In GTO, the bottom line is possessing proficient knowledge and communication skills. Howsoever hard it may look, but both these attributes can be developed quite efficiently simply by putting in little efforts.