NDA SSB Interview Procedure and Tips

nda-ssb-interview-procedureIndian Defense Forces offers an admiring career option with an opportunity to serve your nation. For all those who aspire to join these privileged Armed Forces through National Defense Academy Exam, SSB interview is a stepping stone. This interview is conducted for induction of candidates as commissioned officer in Defense Forces of India. It is an entry where you get called on passing the examination for National Defense Academy. SSB or Services Selection Board Interview is five days long process where every day tests your capabilities on various parameters with eliminations. Read details of NDA SSB Interview procedure belwo.

Reporting day at SSB:

This is the very first step in your journey to the prestigious National Defense Academy. You are supposed to report at center mentioned in your call letter. Most probably, it is the Movement Control Office at Railway Station which is your first halt. From there, a representative will direct you to reach selection center. Here, JCOs are present who verify the documents and then all candidates are allotted with chest numbers. Later, a commanding officer briefs everyone regarding the schedule, instructions, and procedures of the challenging 5 days to proceed.

Day- I Stage- I: Screening Tests:

This day starts early at 6:30 AM and it keeps your mind ticking with various intelligence and psychological tests. The tests taking place are:

  • Verbal and non verbal intelligence test: Examines your general aptitude and logical reasoning.
  • Picture Perception and Description Test: Comprises of story writing and group discussion subsequently based on a picture flashed for 30 seconds. It is an important test which must be conquered to enter the next stage.
  • Results for these Day I tests are declared the same day and those who are unfortunately unsuccessful are returned home then and there.

Day-2 Stage-II: Psychological Tests:

Having passed stage I successfully land you on this crucial stage II. Here time runs out very fast, so you have to follow your instincts. These tests include:

  • Thematic Apperception Test: Almost similar to PPDT, it shows clear pictures in 12 slides to write a story. No group discussion follows this test.
  • Word Association Test: 60 words are flashed on screen for 15 seconds each. The candidates have to write their first thoughts about each word separately within this time.
  • Situation Reaction Test: A booklet with 60 routine situations is provided. Aspirants have to complete the sentences given against them with their immediate reactions to them.
  • Self Description Test: Aspirants have to pen down opinions of their parents, friends, colleagues, teachers, and self regarding them.

Day 3 & 4: GTO:

These are the outdoor tasks to judge your performance in a group as member and also as team leader. They include:

  • Group discussion: on current affairs.
  • Group Planning Exercise: To develop common plan for tackling a given problem.
  • Progressive Group Task: Requires overcoming obstacles with the help of supportive materials provided.
  • Group Obstacle Test: It’s a race among different groups using a snake like rope.
  • Half Group Task: Same as PGT but with half group members.
  • Lecturette: Small lecture on a chosen topic is to be given for 3 minutes.
  • Individual Obstacles Test: 10 obstacles carrying points from 1-10 are to be attempted individually.
  • Command task: Act as Commander to cross obstacles with 2-3 subordinates.
  • Final Group Task: Same as PGT.

Day-5: Conference:

It is the last step of this journey when you appear before the Board of Examiners for meeting. This is followed by results announcements and dispersal according to selection or non selection. Selected candidates stay back for medical examinations.