Kargil War – How Indian Army Won Battle of Tiger Hill

Naib-Subedar-Yogendra-Singh-Yadav-PVCThe saga of bravery and courage depicted by Indian army men in Kargil war is highlighted with numerous intriguing instances. One among them is the major role played in recapturing of Tiger Hill in Drass Sector by a brave soldier, Grenadier Yogendra Singh Yadav. This 25 year old man from 18 Grenadiers unit of Indian Army was awarded with Param Vir Chakra for his gallantry.

Durign Kargil war, this particular post was of high importance strategically and it was essential to capture it for the sake of winning the battle. Situated 16500 ft above sea level, they were 25 soldiers ordered to march towards Tiger Hill on 5th July 1999 at 10:30 am.

After climbing up those rocky terrains for three full nights when they were just 50 meters below the target, 18 soldiers were forced to retreat due to shelling done by Pakistani bunkers 10 meters above them. Only seven Jawans including Grenadier Yadav were left to proceed further which they did. They seized this bunker from Pakistani army at 11:30 am. Then the enemy unit sent 10 soldiers to locate their exact number and position. Indian soldiers gunned eight of them while 2 Pakistani soldiers escaped and reported Indian strength to their unit on Tiger Hill.

Consequently, 100 Pakistani soldiers attacked 7 Indian Army men and killed six comrades excluding this brave heart. Despite of having multiple gunshots all over his body, he managed to be alive. Assuming Grenadier Yadav to be dead, Pakistanis moved away leaving one grenade in his pocket, obviously by mistake. They took away all other ammunition carried by Indians from their corpses. By the time, they were going away from there, he regained his senses and attacked on them with this single grenade that he had. Pakistanis were utterly confused at this sudden attack and thought that Indian army has arrived there. He then picked up a Peeka rifle lying near the body of a Pakistani soldier and opened fire on enemies who left the Post of Tiger Hill assuming that it was an attack done by the Indian Army.

Grenadier Yogendra overheard Pakistan’s wireless sending across the message to leave Tiger Hill and rather attack Indian MMG base which was located 500 meters below Tiger Hill. Although he was capitulating to his injuries, yet he managed to keep the nerves with a strong intent to save this MMG Base. Thus he opted to move through the drain and finally forced himself into the drain by covering his head.

Five minutes later, he was down some 400 meters below his location where he found his officer Lieutenant Balwan. He told Lieutenant about Pakistani intentions and leaving of Tiger Hill by them.

Soon after, the officials of Indian Army reacted to send 2 companies of Charlie and Delta to capture Tiger Hill while Bravo Company was set out to save the MMG base. After some time when Pakistani army attacked this base they were fiercely gunned down as the Indian forces were fully prepared to face them. In the mean time, both other companies captured Tiger Hill successfully bringing an end to this winning battle of Indian Army.