Difference in Selection Boards SSB and AFSB

difference-in-ssb-and-afsb-interview-processAspirants willing to don the reputable and commanding uniform of Indian Armed Forces have to pass through the first territory called SSB interview. This SSB or Services Selection Board conducts tests and interviews for selecting the future brigade of Indian Army and Navy while for Air Force, there is a separate board called AFSB or Air Force Selection Board.

SSB has four centers across the country at Bhopal, Allahabad, Coimbatore, and Bangalore. Basically, SSB is entrusted with selecting suitable aspirants for Indian Army. They conduct a five days selection procedure consisting of intelligence, physical, and psychological tests for these selections. Those successfully passing NDA, CDSE, TES, or any other defense examination, are called by SSB for interviews.

AFSB has four centers at Dehradun, Mysore, Varanasi, and Gandhinagar. Those passing CDSE and AFCAT are eligible to appear for AFSB interview regime. This board is responsible to select the best Airmen of India. It is the only institute having machines to test the aptitude of aspirants applying as military flying pilots. This interview also consists of various tests of intelligence, psychological ability, and physical fitness.

What are Differences in SSB and AFSB 

Both these terms are more related than differentiated from each other. But there are slight differences in procedures followed at these separate boards for selection in India armed forces. These differences must be cleared by the aspirants before actually appearing for Air Force entries.

  1. While AFSB refers to SSB interview for induction into Air Force, SSB connotes interviews for entry into Army and Navy.
  2. For AFSB, selection procedure begins right from the day of reporting. Documentation, screening, and some psychological tests are conducted on that day itself. But in SSB, Day of reporting is reserved only for documentation. After verification and allotment of chest numbers, aspirants are given some time to relax and prepare well for the tests coming up from next day.
  3. Since selection process at AFSB begins from the reporting day itself, reporting time is also kept early at 7:00 AM for this interview. However, in case of SSB, general reporting time is around 2:30 PM while there may be some entries requiring the candidates to report early morning.
  4. AFSB is the place where flying aptitude of aspirants can also be judged. Those interested to apply for Army Aviation Corps and Naval Pilots are also supposed to pass PABT or Pilot Aptitude and Battery Test at AFSB selection centers. This test is conducted under stage II on Day 2 at AFSB.
  5. Entry for AFSB is ensured after passing exams like NDA, CDSE, AFCAT, and FTS. However, in SSB, call letters are issued to aspirants having cleared NDA and CDSE. Also there are direct entry schemes like UES, TES, TGC, and SSC-Tech for entry at SSB selection centers.
  6. Candidates at AFSB are screened in the ratio of 60/100 while at SSB this ratio becomes 40/100 (Not fixed).
  7. It is mostly observed that percentage of recommendation is highest for Air Force at AFSB, while it is lowest for Navy and average for Army at SSB.
  8. AFSB centers are numbered from 1 to 4 for convenience of candidates. Like Dehradun is 1AFSB, Mysore is 2AFSB, Gandhinagar is 3AFSB, and Varanasi is 4AFSB. There is no such numbering of SSB centers.