Commissioned Post of Indian Army, Navy and Air Force

commissioned-post-of-indian-defense-forceIf you are going to join one of the Indian Armed forces viz Indian Army, Navy or Indian Air force it will like dream comes true. What a pride to serve nation by wearing tricolors on shoulders becomes double if you get commissioned post.

Defense forces of India offer commissioned and non commissioned posts to Men as well as women in all three branches that is Indian Army, Indian Navy and Indian air force. History proves that they are Winner of battle and winner of life. Never ending stories of bravery, courage and patriotism attract millions of Indian youth every year to join. Have a look over commissioned and non-commissioned posts below:

Indian Army

  • First Commissioned Post: Lieutenant
  • Non Commissioned Post: Soldier

Indian Navy

  • First Commissioned Post: Sub- Lieutenant
  • Non Commissioned Post: Sailor

Indian Air force

  • First Commissioned Post: Flying Officer
  • Non Commissioned Post: Airman

If anyone join commissioned post whether permanent commission (PC) or short service commission (SSC) he/she appointed on one of these ranks at time of joining. Promotion to higher ranks is made according to time scale and selection basis.

After qualifying CDS exam, NDA exam or through other ways to join Indian armed forces, candidates join on Lieutenant Post (Indian Army), Sub-Lieutenant Post (Indian Navy) and Flying Officer Post (Indian Air force).

Here are Rank structure of Indian Army, Indian Navy and Indian Air Force. Equivalent ranks are given below in tabular form. President of India is supreme of all the three forces.

Indian Army

Indian Navy

Indian Air Force

Lieutenant Sub-Lieutenant Flying Officer
Captain Lieutenant Flight Lieutenant
Major Lieutenant Commander Squadron Leader
Lieutenant Colonel Commander Wing Commander
Colonel Captain Group Captain
Brigadier Commodore Air Commodore
Major General Rear Admiral Air Vice Marshal
Lieutenant General Vice Admiral Air Marshal
General Admiral Air Chief Marshal

Pay and perks increases according higher ranks. During service and after retirement, these officers of Army, Navy and Indian Air force enjoy various facilities and benefits which are not available to other civilians and government employees.