CDS Exam Cut Off Marks Trend

Combined defense services examination is conducted by UPSC every year twice for aspirants willing to join Indian Defense Forces. Both Men and Women apply for CDS examination in hope to clear first phase of written examination. Many aspirants clear written examination of 3 papers (English, Elementary Mathematics, and General Knowledge) for IMA, AFA and INA and 2 Papers (English and General Knowledge) for OTA, but many aspirants could not cross silver line of cut off marks.

CDS exam Cut off Marks are one of the most important deciding factor for a candidate whether he/she will be given green signal to receive SSB/AFSB/NSB call letter or have to wait and sit in next exam.

How CDS Exam Cut off Marks decided by UPSC

Cut off marks in CDS exam is decided by UPSC on various factors which are inclusive of one of or all these factors

  1. Number of candidates applied for exam
  2. Preference selected by candidates for IMA, AFA, INA or OTA
  3. Number of Vacancies in each course
  4. Merit of candidates i.e. average marks obtained by candidates in all papers
  5. Marks scored by candidates in each question paper separately i.e. sectional cut off marks
  6. Ratio of candidates that should be qualified for SSB interview

Although these above factors are not exhaustive but these are important in lieu of finalizing CDS exam cut off marks.

What is trend of Cut off marks in previous years?

As we can see that above mentioned factors are variable so the cut off marks ought to be variable. If we look over last few years trend, we can easily see an upward movement in cut off marks. Although, vacancies notified by UPSC for CDS Exams in every year are almost same, then what is primary reason of this upward movement? It is due to increasing competition among candidates which is leading a high merit and finally high cut off marks.

Cutoff Marks trend in previous years CDS written Exam

Exam Year IMA AFA INA OTA (Men) OTA (Women)
CDS 1 2010 69 90 48 56 56
CDS 2 2010 70 90 55 55 55
CDS 1 2011 90 111 45 72 72
CDS 2 2011 93 126 78 68 68
CDS 1 2012 110 139 101 75 75
CDS 2 2012 114 144 108 76 76
CDS 1 2013 122 141 119 81 81
CDS 2 2013 124 148 115 84 84
CDS Exam Cut Off Marks Trend Chart

CDS Exam Cut Off Marks Trend Chart

Individual paper Cutoff (Sectional Cut off Marks)

It is not only total cut off marks, but it is also necessary to score above sectional cut off marks decided by UPSC for CDS exam. Minimum qualifying marks in recent years was 12 Marks for each course in an individual paper.

Final result of CDS exam including marks awarded in SSB Interview and added to written exam marks for recommended candidate in IMA, AFA, INA and OTA was highest for Air Force Academy (AFA). Here are marks according to each academy

  • IMA- 237 Marks
  • AFA – 266 Marks
  • INA – 231 Marks
  • OTA (MEN) -158 Marks
  • OTA (Women)- 159 Marks

Disclaimer: Although we have collected and provided data from various sources, but it may vary from above given marks.