NDA SSB Interview Procedure and Tips

nda-ssb-interview-procedureIndian Defense Forces offers an admiring career option with an opportunity to serve your nation. For all those who aspire to join these privileged Armed Forces through National Defense Academy Exam, SSB interview is a stepping stone. This interview is conducted for induction of candidates as commissioned officer in Defense Forces of India. It is an entry where you get called on passing the examination for National Defense Academy. SSB or Services Selection Board Interview is five days long process where every day tests your capabilities on various parameters with eliminations. Read details of NDA SSB Interview procedure belwo. Continue reading

Indian Army TGC 119 SSB Interview Dates and Center

Indian-Army-TGC-119-SSB-Interview-dates-centerIndian army has shortlisted candidates for Technical Graduate Course (TGC) 119 SSB interview as published on official website of Indian army.  Indian Army had issued notification for TGC 119 (Technical Graduate Course)  on 15th November 2013 to enroll engineering graduates in course commencing from July 2014.

Those candidates who have applied for this course and found eligible as per cutoff marks are being called for SSB Interview. Continue reading

SSB Interview Self Description Test (SD) Explained

ssb-interview-self-description-test-sdSelf Description Test is the last test in the series of psychologist tests at SSB. SD test is conducted on day 2 of SSB interview. This test evokes the inherent personality traits of an aspirant as described by him/her. These are judged from the perspective of an aspirant’s parents, friends, colleagues, teachers, and himself. Under Self Description Test, total time of fifteen minutes is allotted to each candidate within which one is supposed to write about his qualities and behavior exhibited in relationships and society. There are five questions that are asked in this test. Since the time is quite limited, you should try to keep your description short but absolutely banged on target. Continue reading

SSB Interview Situation Reaction Test (SRT) Explained

ssb-interview-situation-reaction-test-srtSituation Reaction Test or SRT comes under psychologist Test of Stage II in SSB interview. It is a test aimed at judging common sense and presence of mind possessed by aspirants. It is prepared by DRDO.

In this test, 60 situations are provided to candidates in the form of a booklet. They are supposed to answer all these situations within a given time of 30 seconds. Here, the psychologist tests their mental ability reflected by instant replies given to each situation. Continue reading

Picture Perception and Description Test (PPDT) Explained

ssb-interview-ppdt-Picture-Perception-and-Description-TestPicture Perception and Description Test, also known as PPDT is second test in SSB screening, conducted after Intelligence Test. It is a psychological test designed to judge the level of perception possessed by aspirants. Indian Armed Forces require an aspirant to be quite perceptive to survive under extreme physical and mental conditions.

Hence, this test is an important parameter to judge these attributes in them. Candidates are shown a hazy picture based on which, they have to identify key highlights of this picture and write a short story within 4 minutes allotted to them. Remember that you need not write like a professional writer; rather try to be original and creative in your approach while writing your story. This test comprise of two parts viz picture perception and picture description. Continue reading

SSB Intelligence test (Verbal and Non verbal) Explained

SSB-Interview-intelligence-test-verbal-non-verbalThe quest of succeeding SSB Interview begins from Day 1 with Officer’s Intelligence Test or screening test. In this test, candidates are allotted a time of 1 hour to solve around 100 questions examining their verbal and non verbal intelligence. Here, key lies in effective time management to solve all these questions within the stipulated time.

Intelligence test is quite important to ensure you success in SSB interview series because even after passing the medical tests and getting recommended, final selection on the basis of overall national merit is done according to these marks only. Continue reading

SSB Interview Thematic Apperception Test (TAT) Explained

TAT-ssb-interview-Thematic-Apperception-TestIn the series of psychological tests at SSB interview, Thematic Apperception Test (TAT) is the first step. This is a test of your underlying personality and attributes. In this projective test, the aspirants are shown 12 slides, each having different pictures. Remember these pictures are more often vague but stimulating to write a story. That’s exactly what you are required to do in this test. Each picture is shown for 30 seconds and subsequently, 4 minutes are allotted to write a dramatic story based on that picture. Continue reading

SSB Interview Word Association Test (WAT) Explained

WAT-ssb-interview-word-association-testWord Association Test or WAT is second in series of psychological tests at SSB interview. This test consists of 60 words shown on a projector one by one for 15 seconds each. Within this time of 15 seconds, aspirants are supposed to frame short sentences using each of these words. Through this test, the true colors of your personality are reflected in front of the psychologist. So you must practice well beforehand to crack it successfully. Reason behind such short time limit is to drive out the spontaneity of aspirant depicting his inner characters and imagination. Continue reading

Service Selection Board (SSB) Interview Group discussion Tips

ssb-interview-group-discussion-tipsIn the GTO series of SSB interview, Group Discussion (GD) is the first and foremost step. GD is a casual discussion within a group on provided topics. However, before we proceed, you must precisely understand that it is not a debate.

SSB Group Discussion comprises of two sessions. In the first session of discussion, candidates are given a choice of topic selection while in second discussion, no such choice is allowed to them. The topic in both discussions has two sub topics. A time frame of 15 to 20 minutes is allotted to each discussion within which every candidate gets an opportunity to express himself freely and as such, speak as many times as he wants to. Continue reading

SSB Interview Basics for CDS Exam Aspirants

ssb-interview-basics-for-cds-exam-aspirantsAs all energy will be going to utilize in written exam but more is expected and required from CDS exam aspirants. Here are some basic tips to consider while preparing right from beginning for SSB. Cdsexam.com will be with you for your better future.

Read the basics to enhance your personality and do bring within you Officers like Quality. What are your strength and weakness, where you should concentrate, why many aspirants disqualified in SSB Interviews etc are questions that are being asked by candidates. Here are few basic tips that could be helpful to some extent. Continue reading